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Films and other projects in development now

Rajada Dalka — Nation’s Hope

A fearless group of Somali women basketball players fight to compete in the game they love, despite death threats from militants who believe women should not take part in sports. Director Hana Mire (Somalia) Producers Hana Mire (Somalia), Andy Jones

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New Eyes

17th August 2015 We are delighted to announce that New Eyes has been selected by three major international film festivals, and a film screening by the British Council: The Venice Biennale (the Venice International Film Festival), showing in competition in

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A (very) dark comedy set in the Minnesota of the late 1980s (think Prince, the Suburbs, the Jayhawks, Jimmy Jam), Bill follows Carol Mohrbacher as she lurches her way through a low-pay, high-risk job during the day but lives to

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Films In Development

Since 2011, GBGG Productions LLC has been developing or filming a number of projects, either from commissions awarded by major public broadcasters, or having sourced its own funding from a variety of qualified sources. As their themes, GBGG’s films include

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Generation Food

“Today, when we produce more food than ever before, one billion people are hungry and nearly two billion are overweight. Global hunger and obesity are symptoms of a broken system, one that will affect future generations deeply. Yet the world

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Looking For Mr. Magoo

Aspects of Freedom It’s 1983: the first week of a hot August. All-American Lisa Scott Gordon rides her Harley behind Magoo’s RV from northern Minnesota to her first Black Hills Motor Classic in Sturgis. She nurses the little Sportster across

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