Scripts by Lisa Scott Gordon

Lisa Scott Gordon was recipient of the Alfred P. Sloan scholarship during her studies at the University of California, Los Angeles, Film School. She was awarded the degree of Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting.

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Original Works

  • BILL — Can an MIT professor brother and a Harley-riding, hard-partying sister save one another from their fates?
  • EDDIE’S SUPPER CLUB — Oedipus Rex set in Northern Wisconsin as a black comedy.
  • HEART OF PLASTIC — Can a debt collector and beautiful grifter find true love?
  • GIRL LESSONS — Can a girl stevedore learn to be a girl first and a stevedore second?
  • ONE EGG; TWO SOULS — Dark thriller set in the middle of the Minnesota Twins Research Project. Winner of the Alfred P. Sloan Award
  • BANK — Based on the true story of the most covered-up London bank heist in history.
  • BELLS AND CHAINS — Can a mild-mannered insurance saleswoman take over for her injured dominatrix client and still find true love?
  • WET — An original screenplay


  • ALICE WARD — Jules has found the perfect man — or has she?

Work Made For Hire

  • RIVERSIDE DINERS — Three family members hide their hopes and dreams from one another until a deadly confrontation with the Yakuza forces them to share all. (shown as writing sample only)
  • LONDON STORY — A revisioning of Yasujirō Ozu’s classic ‘Tokyo Story’ set in modern-day London. (shown as writing sample only)
  • WHEN YOU REACH ME — Commissioned adaptation of the Newbery Medal-winning novel of the same name, by Rebecca Stead (shown as writing sample only)
  • THE TULIP VIRUS — Commissioned adaptation of Danielle Herman’s murder-mystery spanning four centuries. (shown as writing sample only)
  • THE BEAUTIFUL DEAD — Commissioned adaptation of the first of Eden Maguire’s series of the same name. (shown as writing sample only)
  • KEEPER OF THE WHITE LIONS — Commissioned adaptation of conservation pioneer Linda Tucker’s quest to save beautiful and rare animals. (shown as writing sample only)
  • KEEPING SCORE — Bowling, a magician, true love and Minnesota—what’s not to like? (available for production)
  • THOUSAND WORDS — Cinema Paradiso set in the most beautiful film theatre in Minneapolis. (available for production)