Projects in Development

As opposed to films in development, which you can read about elsewhere on our website, GBGG Productions LLC has a number of outreach business ventures. These allow us to serve our community, connect with, and mentor, other film-makers (especially those in training) while giving them professional employment, and create entertaining experiences for people near and far.

Already, our established entertainment brand Film At Firle has staged three successful film and performance events at a large stately home near our base in England (Firle Place), with a fourth, a comedy night, soon to take place. We’ve also become known as team-players managing other parts of large public events; because such enterprises are similar to film shoots.

Right now, you can find out about Your Tales with its crowdfunding campaign starting up right now (going live on 24th August 2016). Come and take part in ensuring a legacy of living memories!

A vital part of our work is supporting film-makers near the start of their careers, as we ourselves were supported even though none of us come from traditional creative-arts backgrounds. So, when in profit, pre-set portions of our earnings are donated to two charitable causes: